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Seeking mental health counseling from a therapist can be difficult, especially if you were raised in a community that traditionally overlooked the benefits of therapy. LOC Counseling Services is here particularly for your growth. We will utilize individual therapy to assist you with overcoming generational trauma. It is our goal to assist you with becoming your better self. Through individual therapy, you will be able to create specific therapy goals that you will like to achieve. We will then create a specialized plan for you to attain your goals. 

Individual therapy can be beneficial for everyone at certain times in their life. Individual therapy will assist you with gaining clarity on your current situation.  LOC Counseling Services utilizes different therapy modalities depending on our clients needs, but we specialize in CBT, DBT, strength-based, mindfulnes, and the afrocenteric perspective. 

Again, we understand that therapy can be a difficult and different venture, but we are certain that infusing therapy into our culture will allow for growth and prosperity as we overcome many obsticles in our lives. If you are battling with anxiety, depression, stress, conflicts, bullying, behavioral issues, and trauma we encourage you to reach out to us for a consultation in which we will be able to discuss your therapeutic options. 

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