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We all go through life transitions at multiple times throughout our lives. Often, in our community we have learned to deal with changes in our lives alone, but when you are dealing with major life stressors, you do not have to figure it out alone. We offer therapeutic services to assist you with these transitions. Dealing with major life stressors can impact your daily functioning in which you beginning exhibiting symptoms of Adjustment Disorder. 

We understand the difficulty in seeking assistance to work through what seems to be a normal reaction to life stressors, but what we have realized is that individual in our communities are not dealing with normal life stressors. Instead, we are battling life stressors on top of trauma. This combination create a delicate situation in which you should seek therapeutic services to overcome.

If you are experiencing more stress than normal and it is effecting your relationships at school, work, and with family we encourage you to contact us for a mental health consultation. LOC Counseling Services is here to assist you with adjusting and overcoming by utilizing therapeutic techniques.   

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