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Growing Radically & Intentionally with Therapy

Our Growing Radically & Intentionally with Therapy (G.R.I.T.) Program was designed specifically for youth. This program can be catered to any child or teen experiencing difficulty in school, including: bully, bullying, behavior concerns, anger management, and reserveness. This program also specializes in the effects Social Media can have on a child or teens' mental health. 

Services offered through G.R.I.T.


Understanding why an individual is bullying or being bullied will drastically reduce the behavior. 

Social Media

Growing up in the age of Social Media is having an increasing effect on youth's mental health due to the constant comparison.

Behavior Difficulties

Providing punishment without understanding the cause of the behavior and providing solutions to fix the problem will address continuous problems.   


G.R.I.T. is an alternative option to the normal operant conditioning that is currently practiced in schools throughout the world. Instead of punishing students for misbehavior, the students will attend individual therapy and behavioral change groups to identify the cause of the misbehavior and offer solutions. Through individualized therapy, students will be able to address and work through issues that are hindering them from being their best selves.

When any form of trauma is experienced during childhood, those traumas last throughout the individual's life, if it is not addressed. Therefore, you encounter older adults who can vividly recall being mistreated as a child but may not remember a significant event that happened during adulthood. G.R.I.T. was designed to lessen the effect of traumatic childhood experiences on children prior to entering adulthood. Attending therapy and behavior change groups are proven methods to address traumatic events. 

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